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Book Launch Team
Dear Friends,
I’m excited to announce that on March 29th my latest novel Pleasure Party will launch! 
But, there’s no way I can get the word out by myself, launching Pleasure Party will be a group effort so I'm putting together a launch team and I'd really love for you to be a part of it. 
What's a Launch Team, Hugh?
A launch team is a group of readers and friends assembled online to be ambassadors for the book. 
What do I need to do?
I'm glad you asked. 
  • As a part of the team you’ll receive an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) to read just in time for launch day. 
  • Read the book and once Pleasure Party launches, buy the book from Amazon on launch day.
  • Post a review about the book the day it launches.
  • Share about the book on your social media.
So, what do you think? Ready to join the party?
If so, please fill click HERE or fill out the form below. Once you do that I'll email you the book and you can start reading. 
I'm really excited to launch this book and and very grateful for your help. I can't do it without you.
About Pleasure Party
In a New Jersey suburb two best friends host a Pleasure Party. It’s supposed to be a fun gathering with decadent snacks and homemade sangria. At least that’s the plan, until a gun-wielding guest out for revenge takes the party hostage.
Soon, the scary and life-threatening scenario affect all the women present. Truths are told. Secrets long kept in the dark are dragged kicking and screaming into the light and unexpected bonds formed. No one will be the same and maybe not everyone will survive to tell about it.

You’ve never read a story like this.

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Hugh O. Smith